No Creativity

I haven't been feeling very creative as of late, I've seemed to have lost some Mojo. I mean, I have been working on my new crochet portrait piece, but other than that I can't seem to find the drive to work on anything else. I have been getting lots of ideas though, so that I suppose is sorta a good thing. Now I just need to find a way to make it come to life. The process is kinda hard. I honestly think I need some more inspiration, so I've blog hopping around to some of my fave creative blogs.

Not So Idle Hands created a wonderful little baby shower gift of a hand "screen-printed" onsie and baby leg warner set. I really want to try this for my little one some time.

Make It & Love It has some AWESOME crafty ideas that I wanna try. I really wanna try these 5 Stranded Braided Headbands really soon. It should be awesome.

And of course I have to link my new found obsession, crochet portrait pieces, by TotalLee!

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