Pinterest Project :: Phone Number Bracelets

So I saw this photo on Pinterest and knew that I just HAD to make one for my daughter.  It linked to the cute little blog called The Good Stuff Guide.  In the description is says it's good for using when you're traveling or going through the airport, just in case your child ever gets separated from you.  This way authorities can call you.  Now I immediately thought that this was a great thing for my daughter.  She's 5 years old now and often goes to the playground across the street and to her friends' houses (all with my permission first).  I thought this would be a great idea for the parents of her friends to be able to contact me if need be!

Here's what you need:
• number beads
• elastic thread
• decorative beads of choice (I got some brightly colored flower beads and some matching seed beads)

So, what I did is leave the elastic on the spool and just string all the beads on there as is.  Start with your phone number first and then the decorative beads next.  It's a good idea to put spacers in there so it's easy to read.  You can wrap it around your child's wrist every now and then to see if you've made it long enough to fit or what you might need to adjust.  Here is what my finished bracelet looked like, though I did blur out my number.

This was such a quick and cute project, but you have to be careful how you use this.  If you are worried about your number getting into the hands of people you may not want to have it then you will need to rethink about how you use the bracelet.  We luckily live on a military installation and I'm not extremely worried about my daughter wearing it to the park.  :)

I just love finding things all the time on Pinterest and I hope I can bring more Pinterest Projects your way.  Feel free to follow my Pinterest boards to see all the cool things I pin, and more!  :)

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