Super Giveaway :: Cupcake Headband

This is the fourth of 5 total items being given away for my SUPER GIVEAWAY!  As promised, for reaching 100 Likes on the Two Little C's facebook page I'm doing a giveaway.  And the best part is that I'm not doing just one giveaway but 5 GIVEAWAYS!  I figured it would be best to split them up into separate posts to make it easier to follow and that way you can decide which giveaways you want to enter.  This way you won't win anything that you don't actually want to win.  You can enter them all but you can only win ONE of the 5 giveaways.

This giveaway is for the super cute cupcake headbands pictured above.  It's hot pink icing with chocolate cake makes it a delicious site.  The tulle is sewn between the cupcake applique and the felt backing to ensure a soft rest against your head.  This headband will work great for any age! You can enter 5 different ways, and yes you can do all 5, for a total of 11 or more entries. With the ability to tweet about the giveaway every day, that is a whole bunch of entries! 

Now, the SUPER GIVEAWAY is going to be open for entries for two weeks.  This allows lots of time over the holiday season for you to get as many entries in as you would like and to tell all of your friends about it too!  So get to it and start entering and check out the other giveaways as well to be entered in them as well! 

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  1. THIS! Is the most adorable headband I have ever seen! =D