I've Found Pinterest

So I've been put on to Pinterest and it is as addicting as everyone says it is! In case you are like me and hadn't heard about it or checked it out before now, Pinterest is a site that allows you to "pin" photos of your choosing on your own board. You can view recent photos others are pinning, view other's phitis based on searches, and even follow people so you'll always see their pins! There are TONS of super cute photos that are just so inspiring and everything.

So I decided to do a search for yarn and look at some of the cuteness I found there!

I fins some of the amazing photography to be inspiring to creativity. I also love some of the color inspiration I get! If you're on Pinterest, feel free to check me out as ChassityO. I'm still new and don'y have much, but I did find the app on my iPod Touch, so hopefully I get going quickly, LOL!

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