Some New Hooks

I'm so excited, well mostly excited anyway! I was finally able to replace a couple of my crochet hooks that met unfortunate accidents! You see, two of my main hooks that I use to make EVERYTHING were lost a broken respectively!

My all time favorite G hook, which I've dubbed my go-to-hook whenever I make something basic, was lost by my daughter who decided to snag it from my little craft area! It's been weeks and I haven't found it anywhere! I've looked in my daughter's room, her play kitchen (where it was spotted last), her toys, and everywhere in between! I finally just decided to get a new one!

Now, for most of my amigurumi toys and such, I always use my E hook. Now, the bad thing about my E hook and using it for ami's is that sometimes you have to pull and push hard to get the hook within the tightly crocheted stitches. I prefer metal hooks and have never been able to splurge on one with an awesome rubber grip, which I REALLY wanna do someday soon, but gripping them tightly and working on such small tightly crocheted pieces makes them wanna bend. I of course feel the need to always bend it back. Are you starting to get the idea yet? For those of you who aren't, hehe, the constant bending back and forth gave it a small crack which later turned out to be a whopping break! Imagine my dismay when it snapped in the middle of one of my projects! :(

So, I've finally been able to replace my lost precious G and broken E with new ones! The G is even the same color as my lost one! :D I had a few work-in-progress pieces that are definitely gonna get finished now that I have my new hooks! See my excitement now!

Don't you just hate it when you're main working pieces break or get ruined? Feel free to tell me about something that you've lost or broken in the middle of a project in the comments section! :D

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