Grandmothers and Bunnies and Ballet, Oh My!

It's been a hectic time at the O. house and boy it's been fun!  My mother is in town for the week visiting and CiCi has been so excited about it!  We only get to see my mom maybe once or twice a year, so all the time we get is special.

So, lots has happened in the few days my mom has been here already.  CiCi has been asking lots and lots about taking a ballet class, so we signed her up!  It starts this Saturday.  I can't wait to be going to recitals and doing dance classes for years to come.  I used to dance when I was in high school and I strongly believe in extra curricular activities!  So we had to go buy CiCi some ballet shoes and we got her these!  Nothing fancy, just some shoes from Payless.
The biggest upset for us seems to be that we've gotten CiCi a bunny!  I know, it's been a bunch of new things for CiCi, but I really wanted it to.  I guess me wanting it was a good thing since I will have to take care of it the most and deal with CiCi's constant need to play with the poor thing.  Maybe CiCi is a little too small to have a bunny because she has been scaring the poor thing to death, but this is only the 3rd day she's had it so I'm hoping things will calm down really soon!  It's a cute little thing though, and we've named it Ruby, from the Nick Jr show Ruby and Max!  It's not all white like Ruby but it's one of CiCi's fave cartoons with a bunny in it! :)
She loves little Ruby all the same and I'm glad she has a little "friend" at home to play with.  She will hopefully learn a little from the rabbit and all will b e well! :)

Chassity O.

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