My First Time Knitting Socks

Woohoo, I've been knitting!  I knitted my first pair of socks and boy I must say.... they are kinda ugly! LOL, my knitting is GREAT, but the variegated yarn created this really quite unappealing pattern.
Of course you can see that they are toe socks, and here you can kinda see the pattern around the toes is sorta nice, and even around the ankle area, but around the foot it created this weird patch that I don't care for.  But all in all, I really like them for hanging around the house and wearing my flip flops when I'm cleaning, and I think I'm gonna make another pair of regular socks.
 I made the socks from these two patterns by Patons Yarns.  I did the entire sock from the toeless pedicure socks and then added the toes from the toe socks.  These are free pattern available on their site if you are a member, also free.  Now, I will say that I've always been intimidated to try a pair of sock but I've been looking for a challenge and wanted to try something new.  Now that I did really well, my entire family wants some socks!  So now I'm gonna make different pairs for my husband, son, daughter, and even my mother.

The purple on the left has a little but of silver in it, which is what my mom picked out.  The pink has flecks of purple, hot pink, and even yellow, and it's gonna make a cute pair of socks for my daughter.  The yellow has all sorts of different colored flecks in it, but it's for my son and I'm gonna make a pair of ankle socks or stirup socks for myself.  The black and grey variegated is for my husband and is a nice wool blend that should be great!

So I have lots of work to do, off to knit and stuff!


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