A Charity Project for the Little Warriors

Being a seller on Etsy, I'm also a part of an awesome Team called Cafemommers (moms who use CafeMom and sell on Etsy).  One of our awesome group members has brought to our attention an amazing charity requesting handmade goods.  It's called Project 16 :: The Littlest Warriors and it's at Craft Hope.

Basically they are requesting handmade hats and tote bags for children battling cancer.  I really can't wait to get started and get into this project!  I love creating things for charity and hopefully putting a smile on someone's face.  Since I've been completely into making hats I see this as an amazing opportunity to share that with these children.

If you want to participate then make sure you head on over to Craft Hope and read up on Project 16.  The deadline is March 12th, 2012, so you have to hurry!  The address is there as well to mail your items in to!  Even if I only manage to make one, I will be happy!  Let's get going!

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