Starting My 100 Things

So I previous told you all that I wanted to start the 100 Things Challenge. I've started my list with my basics that I know I will not get rid of! It's short and simple but part of the list none-the-less. So here it is so far.

1. Cell phone and charger
2. iPod touch and charger
3. Crochet & knitting stuff (I've decided to count my crochet and knitting stuff as one since I do use it in my business and it's more of a collection. I'm not counting the yarn since it's the materials for my business.)
4. Sweater Knitting Machine (It's separate to me so I'm counting it considering if I don't use it I could get rid of it.)
5. Twilight Saga book collection (I might get rid of this later since I have them on audio also, but haven't decided.)

I've been thinking more and more about how I really want to go about reducing my possessions to 100 things. I don't like the idea of counting each pair of shoes I own or each pair of jeans or tops, however I will go through and make a conscious effort to get rid of things I absolutely don't need. I think I will count shoes as one thing and clothes as one thing and leave it at that! I don't really know where to go from there however!

I do dabble in a little extreme couponing and have started a small stockpile of things. I definitely don't think I will count those items as they are compromised of food and hygiene products that are also meant to be for the household!

I think that there is definitely some more contemplating to be done and going-through to do! This is going to be a year long thing, so please stay tuned!

Have you ever thought about minimizing your life's possessions?

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