Now and then I get a custom order for things that aren't necessarily in my normal shop products, and this one was one of them.  I got an order for a cute amigurumi for a baby girl and I really wanted to try something a little different then what I normally do.

This cute little doll is now one of my faves and I'm so excited to be sharing it with you.  I decided to name this little cutie Adelaide.  She's a little kittie and has joints in her arms and legs so they are poseable.  I dressed her in just a little skirt and she has some cute flowers in her "hair"!  Haha!  I do love how she turned out though and I'm really excited to share her with her "buyer"!

If you have something that you would like for me to create for you then please feel free to contact me!  I love to do custom orders within my style of work and love to try new things as well!  So what do you think about this little cutie?  

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