Gingerbread Man

So I recently found this super cute blog called Repeat Crafter Me when I was looking for patterns on Ravelry!  The creator of the blog, Sarah, has done something so super cute with her blog that I couldn't help but fall in love.  It's all about crafting, crocheting, and crockpoting, all things I love!  :D  Even her blog's name is ingenious, get it? It's "repeat after me" but with a CR in it because all the things she talks about starts with CR, and of course it also makes the word "craft" in it, LOL!

So, while I was there I came across so many super cute crochet patterns that I just wanted to try them ALL! Haha!  I decided to start with her Gingerbread Man pattern!  She showed it in a boy and girl version (the girl has a cute bow) that I immediately thought of my munchkins.  I decided to make one for each of them and hopefully we can take some cute Christmas card photos and such!  Here is a photo of the one I made for my son!

My version is a little different than the one Sarah made.  Of course I added some cute earflaps to this one with a red trim, but also it's in a lighter color.  I just happened to have this shade on hand with enough for both hats, so I went with it, hehe!  I just can't get over how absolutely adorable it is!

I've also envisioned possibly making the kids some cute shirts to go with these hats.  Maybe some brown shirts and I can either sew on some crocheted gingerbread men or make them out of layered felt!  I'll definitely post some pics if those ever come to fruition!  :D

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