Blankets for Kitties

So yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the Humane Society and donating my blankets that I made for the kitties!  I had lots to do that day and going to the Humane Society actually put a smile on my face!  I ended up finishing a fourth kitty blanket, added to the blanket my sister made while she was here I was able to donate 5 blankets total!

While I was there I was asked to take a photo with one of the kitties and one of the blankets I brought!  His name is Brick and he's a cutie!  I love the long haired cats and this one seemed pretty cool, unfortunately I already have a dog who isn't entirely keen on cats and being a moving military family makes it hard to have too many pets.  If you live in or close to the Colorado Springs area you should definitely go and see the kitties at their Humane Society.

Here are some pics of the table and some of the blankets that were donated!  There was a nicee array of colors and patterns, it was beautiful sight for crafters!  Well, I'm sure these kitties are going to be warm while they wait to be adopted!

Thank you for reading!  :D

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