Bringing Etsy Back...

Ok, so I can't really bring Etsy back since Etsy itself hasn't gone anywhere, but I'm trying to bring my own Etsy shop back to an Open status, LOL! Having a baby has brought on so much work now that I have two kids but I finally feel like it's coming to a place where I can really crochet again, if my daughter would stealing all of my work, haha! But I really mis crocheting and knitting so I've been working hard to get there.

So I've made an executive decision to bring back the cupcake babies! I know I made and listed a different sort of cupcake baby before with wooden peg dolls, but this time I'm bringing back the crocheted originals. I think they are much cuter and what's better than that? I have decided to make some additions to the whole shebang though by adding a fabric lining to the bag, sprinkles for everyone, and more details on the baby and blanket! It's going to be a very cute upgrade! Cupcake Baby 2.0, LOL! I'm working on them right now and figuring out how I'm going to add the new features, so when I finish then I'll be posting here first!!!

I swear, this time I'm really going to try to post more, HONESTLY! ;)