Fashion Doll and 100 Themes

Hi there everyone! Months ago I came across a fun list of inspiration for amigurumi's. There are 100 words to inspire themes for your amigurumi that were written by MoogleyMog on Deviant Art. I decided to create a share-able image with all the themes on it and plan on using #amigurumi100 on all my social media when I use this list to inspire my work.

From that list I was inspired to crochet this super cute doll! This gorgeous girly was inspired by the work "skinny" because of her long skinny legs and arms and a thinner body which makes her easy to work up. She is my take on a fashion doll and stands about 11 inches tall when finished. You can dress her up to your hearts content in different colors and accessories to make her completely your own!

I named this one Darcy! Doesn't she look like a Darcy? LOL. Her pattern is for sale in my ravelry shop. This Darcy doll will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop soon. Her pattern is now available for FREE! See her here.

She has a lot of parts but is so super cute in the end. I did knit the skirt on this girl (which I didn't write the pattern for since this is a crochet blog), but I added the directions for a crocheted version of the skirt in the pattern.

Make your own version of this girl and please feel free to share what you've made with me on my social media or in my email so I can see and comment! :D

Happy crocheting,
Chassity O.