I absolutely love crocheting for charity. I'm always on the lookout for organizations to crochet for. I decided to compile a list of websites that are accepting items that are handmade with love. Lets share the love and bring a smile to someone's face with what we do.

Visit the page I created to see the links, and feel free to comment with charities you know of. You can find a link in the navigation bar for easy access.

What do you like to crochet for charity?

10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Crocheter

I'm bringing you an easy list of stocking stuffers that I think any crocheter would like. Ok, maybe not all, but you get my gist! Use it to hint to your hubby (or wife) about what he could put in your stocking, or maybe give your family friends some inexpensive ideas on what to get you.

10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Crocheter

Each item on my list is under $20, so something is sure to jump out at you! Of course everything I've picked can be bought online at Etsy or Amazon, because the sellers there are sure to work with you and would probably appreciate your business greatly. Plus there are lots of variations on these in their shops. This post contains affiliate links.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas 

1. The Miles Kimball "Knitting" Tote Bag is not only perfect for knitters (as it says) but crocheters as well! I love the little holes in the top to keep your yarn organized and winding freely.

2. Does your crocheter ever complain of cramping fingers? The Yarn Ring by ItsVera is perfect for holding the yarn straight without having to crank your fingers to do it. 

3. Most every crocheter would love a cute little yarn bowl. This one by The Mad Potter Kimberly happens to be at a good price and will certainly keep your yarn balls from rolling around.

4. I absolutely hate when I lose count of my rows (or stitches) and have to stop to count the rows over and over again! This Clover Stitch Counter is perfect for that. It's worn around the neck and kept close so counting is easy.

5. Crocheting is hard on the hands and sometimes hurts for those that grip their hooks tightly. An ergonomic, cushiony grip on the hook like these Festival Hands Crochet Hooks are perfect for making it a little easier.

6. If a neck hanging row counter isn't your crocheter's style, this clipable row counter by JudySwag is perfect. You can even leave it clipped to your work so you know exactly what row you're on when you pick it back up. The best part about these are that you can pretty much customize them with your choice of charms and clasps. There's more to choose from in her shop!

7. Speaking of clipable, these crochet hook size markers by Jill's Handmade Stuff are perfect for marking what hook you were using on a work-in-progress once you put it down. Many of us crocheters know all to well what it's like to put our work away for awhile only to forget what hook we used when we started it. Shame shame!

8. Just for fun, these crochet hook and yarn ball earrings by Jwhiz are a cute addition to any stocking. I'm sure your crocheter will think they are fun, even if they wouldn't wear them on a regular basis.

9. And this ball of yarn with crochet hook is one of my personal favorites by Hoffee and a Nuffin. It's perfect for marking everything from hang tags on finished work to holiday cards and envelopes. Show off your love for your craft!

10. When all else fails, if you can't figure out what to buy, you can't go wrong with a Gift Card from your local hobby store. For many of us crocheters, buying the goods is half the fun. Let your crocheter pick out their own custom yarn with an Etsy Gift Card or their own supplies with an Gift Card. Pick your own amount to make it perfect for your crocheter!

Whatever you put in your favorite crocheter's stocking, I'm sure they will love it! 

For all my crocheters, what would you love in your stocking?

Happy crocheting,
Chassity O.