I'm Back

Woohoo, I'm back and boy am I happy to have my computer back! I've been spending the better half of the past two days trying to get everything in order and fixing my programs.

But, while my computer was away I managed to get my crochet portrait piece to a good point. It's exciting to see it all coming together where before it looked like a mess, LOL!

So here it stands at 25%! (Can you see my son trying to grab it in the bottom-left corner? hehe) Can you see it coming together? On the left is my plaid shoulder, and on the right is my husband's shirt with an old english E on it! AWESOME!!!

Computer Trouble

Man o man, I must say that my computer is giving me so much trouble that I'm finally breaking down and taking it to in to get fixed! So I regretfully say that my poor computer will be gone for a few days and I won't be able to post much, though I probably could post a few things from my iPod Touch like I am now! ;) So, until I get my computer back, I hope you guys have fun!

Some New Hooks

I'm so excited, well mostly excited anyway! I was finally able to replace a couple of my crochet hooks that met unfortunate accidents! You see, two of my main hooks that I use to make EVERYTHING were lost a broken respectively!

My all time favorite G hook, which I've dubbed my go-to-hook whenever I make something basic, was lost by my daughter who decided to snag it from my little craft area! It's been weeks and I haven't found it anywhere! I've looked in my daughter's room, her play kitchen (where it was spotted last), her toys, and everywhere in between! I finally just decided to get a new one!

Now, for most of my amigurumi toys and such, I always use my E hook. Now, the bad thing about my E hook and using it for ami's is that sometimes you have to pull and push hard to get the hook within the tightly crocheted stitches. I prefer metal hooks and have never been able to splurge on one with an awesome rubber grip, which I REALLY wanna do someday soon, but gripping them tightly and working on such small tightly crocheted pieces makes them wanna bend. I of course feel the need to always bend it back. Are you starting to get the idea yet? For those of you who aren't, hehe, the constant bending back and forth gave it a small crack which later turned out to be a whopping break! Imagine my dismay when it snapped in the middle of one of my projects! :(

So, I've finally been able to replace my lost precious G and broken E with new ones! The G is even the same color as my lost one! :D I had a few work-in-progress pieces that are definitely gonna get finished now that I have my new hooks! See my excitement now!

Don't you just hate it when you're main working pieces break or get ruined? Feel free to tell me about something that you've lost or broken in the middle of a project in the comments section! :D

I've Found Pinterest

So I've been put on to Pinterest and it is as addicting as everyone says it is! In case you are like me and hadn't heard about it or checked it out before now, Pinterest is a site that allows you to "pin" photos of your choosing on your own board. You can view recent photos others are pinning, view other's phitis based on searches, and even follow people so you'll always see their pins! There are TONS of super cute photos that are just so inspiring and everything.

So I decided to do a search for yarn and look at some of the cuteness I found there!

I fins some of the amazing photography to be inspiring to creativity. I also love some of the color inspiration I get! If you're on Pinterest, feel free to check me out as ChassityO. I'm still new and don'y have much, but I did find the app on my iPod Touch, so hopefully I get going quickly, LOL!

Tuesday Treasury :: Cafe Latte

So I missed last weeks Tuesday Treasury (sorry!) but had to find a very beautiful treasury for you guys! I think I did a great job with this amazingly beautiful piece here! There's lots of knits, ruffles, lace, and my new favorite, a fabric flower! Check out this treasury called Cafe Latte, curated by Snobish Design. Feel free to click on the image to take you to the actual treasury listing on Etsy!

Bloggy Moms Blog Dare

Ok, I've joined the 2011 Blog Dare over at Bloggy Moms, yes I know it's kinda late, but it should be a lot of fun! I've been searching all day for awesome blogging tips and fun post ideas to make this blog more successful, and I really like this one! So I will be making sure I post every single day, you might get tired of me soon, LOL! I hope you all enjoy what I have to say and I hope to say things you all enjoy! If you're a blogging mom then make sure you head on over and join Bloggy Moms. If you wanna join the Blog Dare, then head on over HERE and get to blogging, LOL!

Wanna know what else I found today while searching for blog ideas?

ABC's of Me

So I was blog hopping, something I like to do, and found out about a cute little blog called Sassy Sippy Cups and Sticky Sarcasm. It's a personal journal style blog and I kinda like what she posts about! Anywho, she had a cute post there about herself from A-Z and I wanted to do the same! It will help everyone get to know me a little and so forth so why not, besides, I LOVE useless questionaires, LOL! So here we go!!!

Age: 28

Bed Size: We just got a brand new King size and I LOVE it!

Chore You Hate: All of it! I mostly hate putting away clothes, LOL!

Dogs: I love dogs! Right now we have a little MinPin/Poodle mix, but soon she's going to go live with my Mom!

Essential Start Of Your Day: I have to check my email! If I don't I get antsy and aggravated because I get sooooooo much mail that it will get crowded!

Favorite Color: I have a few... purple, white, black.

Gold or Silver: White gold, LOL, best of both worlds!

Height: 5'6" (but the docs say I'm 5'5.5", shhhh don't tell!)

Instruments I Play, (Or Have Played): In middle school I played the alto sax, and then the bells

Job Title: MOM and WIFE, that says it all!

Kids: daughter Cecilia (turning 4 next week), son Cassiel (4 months)

Live: This Army Post in Colorado

Mom's Name: Cornelia, but everyone calls her Connie ;)

Nicknames: Chass, Mom, Babe, Hun.....

Overnight Hospital Stays: Well I had a c-section with each of my kids. I also had to stay overnight while pregnant with my daughter for the stomach flu and dehydration.

Pet Peeve: Oh wow, I have lots! Um, lets see! I hate when people take too long for no reason. I hate being late, especially when someone makes me late because they took to long! I don't like when people ask a question just so they don't have to try to figure it out for themselves, drives me nuts! I could go on but I won't, LOL!

Quote From a Movie: Oh wow, um ok I guess I'm gonna say it! "I had an adrenaline rush, it's very common, you can Google it!" from Twilight, LMAO! And "My father is part of the CIA and he;ll have you dead in minutes!" from Girl Interupted.

Right or Left Handed: Right handed

Siblings: I have two younger sisters, Courtney and Colby

Time You Wake Up: Right now it's somewhere around 10am or so, depending on when the munchkin wakes up!

Underwear: LMAO, Under There ------>

Vegtables You Dislike: I don't care for squash, zucchini, or eggplant

What Makes You Run Late: kids, LOL

Xrays You've Had Done: Lots, the ones I remember are for my hands (carpal tunnel) and for my ankle in high school when I sprained it!

Yummy Food You Make: My new faves is my turkey meat loaf and sweet potato chips!

Zoo Animal: I used to love the Elephants, but since moving here to Colorado Springs, at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo you can feed the Giraffes, so it's my new fave!!!

Are you going to post this to your blog? Leave me a link so I can see what you wrote!!!

My Tumblr

If you're a huge tumblr fan then you're in luck! I've created, or rather updated, an old tumblr account. It's connected to my twitter, so if you already follow me on twitter and don't wanna follow me on tumblr then that is ok too! You can find me on tumblr at http://my-polkadots-life.tumblr.com/.