A Charity Project for the Little Warriors

Being a seller on Etsy, I'm also a part of an awesome Team called Cafemommers (moms who use CafeMom and sell on Etsy).  One of our awesome group members has brought to our attention an amazing charity requesting handmade goods.  It's called Project 16 :: The Littlest Warriors and it's at Craft Hope.

Basically they are requesting handmade hats and tote bags for children battling cancer.  I really can't wait to get started and get into this project!  I love creating things for charity and hopefully putting a smile on someone's face.  Since I've been completely into making hats I see this as an amazing opportunity to share that with these children.

If you want to participate then make sure you head on over to Craft Hope and read up on Project 16.  The deadline is March 12th, 2012, so you have to hurry!  The address is there as well to mail your items in to!  Even if I only manage to make one, I will be happy!  Let's get going!

Awesome Crochet School by CraftyMinx

Have you ever wanted to learn to crochet but didn't know where to start?  Perhaps you know some basics but you don't know additional stitches, or how to read patterns, or finishing techniques!? Well I've found an awesome blog by CraftyMinx that teaches you the ins and outs to crochet and everything you need to know to make you a pro!  The best part is that she has written direction and video, and gives you additional links for more info.  It's definitely a must read!  It's so cool that even I wanna read through the entire 23 lessons, and I already a whole bunch about crochet!  So make sure you check it out, even if you're a pro!

Great Free Printable Valentine's

I am so excited to create some super cute valentine's for my daughter's first year in school so I decided to go searching the web for great crafty ideas!  Man was I not prepared for what I was about to find, there are so many great printables out there, so I decided to share what I found here!

Living Locurto has this super adorable iPhone printable.

She also has these Rock! Valentines and Candy Kiss Bag Toppers which are great for boys.

There also happens to be these Cute Animal Valentine's by Secret Agent Josephine that I find super adorable and perfect for preschoolers.

I thought these free printables were cute by Amy IS The Party.  I love those kitchy sayings!

For a simple but super cute look, Be Mine Freebie by The Rubber Punkin is the right choice. I absolutely would love these as tags to some homemade cookies for adult friends.

For that special man in your life, go with this Chocolate Bar Wrapper by Jeanne Winters.

I absolutely think these Bee Mine Lollipop Tags will be all the buzz, and even their chapstick counterparts would be a hit.

I even think I might do this non-candy treat for my daughter! Homemade crayons attached to a card that reads "Happy Valentine's Day, for 'crayon' out loud!" Get it? "Cryin" out loud? LOL

So, what are you going to be doing for your kids and/or loved ones this Valentine's Day?

Starting My 100 Things

So I previous told you all that I wanted to start the 100 Things Challenge. I've started my list with my basics that I know I will not get rid of! It's short and simple but part of the list none-the-less. So here it is so far.

1. Cell phone and charger
2. iPod touch and charger
3. Crochet & knitting stuff (I've decided to count my crochet and knitting stuff as one since I do use it in my business and it's more of a collection. I'm not counting the yarn since it's the materials for my business.)
4. Sweater Knitting Machine (It's separate to me so I'm counting it considering if I don't use it I could get rid of it.)
5. Twilight Saga book collection (I might get rid of this later since I have them on audio also, but haven't decided.)

I've been thinking more and more about how I really want to go about reducing my possessions to 100 things. I don't like the idea of counting each pair of shoes I own or each pair of jeans or tops, however I will go through and make a conscious effort to get rid of things I absolutely don't need. I think I will count shoes as one thing and clothes as one thing and leave it at that! I don't really know where to go from there however!

I do dabble in a little extreme couponing and have started a small stockpile of things. I definitely don't think I will count those items as they are compromised of food and hygiene products that are also meant to be for the household!

I think that there is definitely some more contemplating to be done and going-through to do! This is going to be a year long thing, so please stay tuned!

Have you ever thought about minimizing your life's possessions?